Principal Sarah O'Connnor

Welcome to Vintage High School. The Home of the Crushers.

I am proud and honored to be in my first year as principal at Vintage High School. Over the last four years, I had the pleasure of being an assistant principal and experiencing all of the great things that make this Crusher Nation special, whether it was our academic program, athletics program, or the arts program. It is the diverse opportunities we provide for kids that make us who we are.

For over 45 years, Vintage High School has continuously demonstrated a strong and varied athletic program for students to showcase their athletic talents, as well as grow into exceptional young men and women through the values and virtues learned on the athletic fields and courts that span over the 50 acres that make up Vintage High School. I am always impressed with how proud our student athletes are and how they feel such a strong sense of belonging to their sport and to the school.

We are very proud of the athletic tradition that has been established at Vintage which reflects the hard work, dedication and commitment made by the student athletes and coaches. I stress to students the importance of being classy, disciplined, and community focused. Vintage student athletes have continuously lived up to these expectations. I constantly get compliments from community members about how respectful our students are and how hard they work. 

Roughly 800 students compete at Vintage High School in sports ranging from football, tennis, water polo, swimming, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, wrestling, cross county, track and field, golf, soccer and badminton. Not only do these athletes compete at extremely high levels, spending countless hours practicing their skill, these same individuals excel and compete academically. Many also perform in musicals, choir or band performances, drama productions, dance productions, and more. Students know that this balance is what leads to a successful and positive high school experience.

I have been part of the Napa Community for my entire adult life and know that Napa and Vintage High School are special places, unlike anywhere else I’ve lived or worked. My own athletics experiences included high school basketball and soccer in Ohio and rowing at U.C. Davis. Don’t let my height fool you! I appreciated how athletics helped me connect with others and instilled a sense of pride and responsibility. I want all of our student athletes to experience these things and more.